Ticket Dismissal/Removal - Insurance Discounts

What can I use this course for?

Once a year, you can take a defensive driving course to receive a discount on your insurance. Verify with your insurance provider that they offer the discount before taking the course.

If you have got a traffic ticket, you can have the ticket removed from your record and avoid paying more for insurance. You must have court approval prior to taking the course to make sure you are able to have it removed.

The course cost is $40. If you have your certificate mailed (regular mail) that would be the total cost. To have your certificate emailed is an additional $25 (Arrives within 24-48 hours). Driver Record Lookup is $22 ($10 HDZ charge and $12 state fee).

Private classes are available. Pricing depends on amount of students.

**To Register, Click the Drop-Down Tab and Select Defensive Driving


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