Teen Driving YOUR Way



$290 (before discounts)

This is the Teen Driver Education that most people are familiar with. The student will complete both Classroom and In-Car Hours with HDZ Driving Academy. Includes:

  • 32 Classroom hours

    • 2 hours daily​

    • Monday-Friday 5:30-7:30

  • 14 hours In-Car with Instructor​

    • 7 hours Driving​

    • 7 hours Observing

  • Written DPS Exam​

  • All Certificates required for Permit/License

  • IMPACT Texas Driver Course Guide

  • Notarization (if required)

  • Cell Phone Charging Station

$50 down to start. Course must be paid in full before the last day of the classroom section. Seating is limited. The first 18 students with the $50 deposit will be the students in the class. 


-$10 with cash payment

-$5 Social Media tag/post/engagement

-$10 teacher/emergency services/military

Want your child and their friends to have a private class? Group pricing and special scheduling available.


At HDZ Driving Academy I have learned a few things. I have mostly learned the basics and fundamentals of driving but not necessarily hands on yet. Not only just driving but also life lessons and how hard the world is. My teacher has told us about his experiences and to not make the same mistakes. I find this very helpful and valuable. Also on thing I really liked about the class is not making the class boring. The instructor knew how to separate the class time to make it fun and interesting, while still learning the material. All in all, I really enjoyed the course and can't wait for the hands on part of driving.


During driver's ed, I learned so many helpful things about the signs, roadways, and how a car works. I learned that everything you do in the car matters. I've learned that paying attention to your surroundings is very important. To the signs, the roads,, and the IPDE Process, I was able to retain the information on all of it because of the PowerPoints and taking notes. This class made learning fun because of how laid back it is with listening to funny life stories. I'm glad I chose HDZ to learn about driving.


I have learned many different shapes and symbols. I didn't realize there were so many colors and shapes that meant different things. Taking this course I have learned a new way to learn. Usually teachers have us write down everything they write down. In the driving class, I thought it was coll for you to lecture and have us write down what we feel is important. It was also very useful to know about getting insurance on a car and how much it would actually cost to get an apartment. That made me realize how expensive the real world is living on your own.



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