Required for ages 18-24

Any person 18 years an older may take this course. We go over everything you need to know to pass the DPS Written Exam, we administer the DPS Written Exam, and you leave with a certificate that says you took the course and passed the test. After that, the only thing you need to do is pass the behind-the-wheel exam with DPS (or any authorized Driving School)

Sometimes being able to dedicate 6 hours in 1 day can be problematic. No worries! Let us know and we can schedule a private class over as many days as you need to complete the course. Need a payment plan? Let us know and we can arrange one! Whatever is holding you back from obtaining your license, we are here to help YOU!

Before you leave you'll have a certificate of completion, a packet with all the forms you'll need to get your permit/license, if any documents need notarization it's included in the course, and most importantly, you'll leave with the knowledge you need to not only navigate the DPS paperwork, but how to be a safe and defensive driver.



Hands-On Learning

No experience? No problem! HDZ can show you the proper techniques to get you prepared to pass your driving exam.

How many lessons will you need? Ever driver is different and results vary. However, the reason we have the 5 hour package is that in most cases, with 5 lesson, a driver can pass the DPS In-Car Exam. Some students only need 2 or 3, others need 6 or 7. After the first lesson (evaluation), we'll have a much better idea of how many lessons you'll need.

If you're unsure, we recommend paying per hour and if we get the 5th hour, we will still honor the 5 hour package price.

While lessons with an instructor can be very useful, it is important to get practice in between lesson to reinforce proper technique.


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